What We Do

SoundVision Productions® tackles hard questions and complex technologies. Our programs creatively interweave science, philosophy and culture. They stimulate the imagination and encourage critical thinking. Our projects are for people who are curious, who care, who want to learn, who want to find solutions. We work in public radio, the classroom, the community and on the Internet.

Spotlight: BURN: An Energy Journal


Energy powers our homes and our economy. It creates uneasy alliances and disturbing divisions. It empowers some and impoverishes others. How do we get energy? Where does it come from? What, ultimately, is energy?

BURN: An Energy Journal is hosted by trusted journalist and master storyteller Alex Chadwick. It tracks energy innovation, production, distribution and environmental impact. This radio and web project is a partnership with American Public Media and Marketplace.

Audio Sample

Mike Pethel might have the world’s fastest electric car. He’s an inventor, an engineer, and a race car buff. His electric car is equipped with enough batteries to power 750 homes. BURN Host Alex Chadwick talks with Pethel about his quest to build a super-fast, totally green car. Then, Alex steps inside a road-burning ride.

Photo-Essay: “Fracking and Families”

“Fracking vs. Riverdale Mobile Home Park”, a BURN Photo Essay by Lynn Johnson